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What is RecoFeed?

RecoFeed is a tool designed to help you create a personalized recommendation feed for your audience.

This feed compiles a curated list of items tailored to your users' interests. These items could range from articles and products to videos and other users.

How Does It Work?

RecoFeed operates using CloseVector, a cross-platform vector database. This database is downloaded directly onto the user's device, where recommendations are generated in real time, locally. This means your users' data stays on their device and isn't sent back to any server.

RecoFeed is committed to providing its basic services free of charge. It's a great way to build a recommendation feed for your users, with fees only applying for more advanced features like AI workflows.

Interested in Giving It a Try?

RecoFeed is currently in its closed beta phase. If you're interested in testing it out, please sign up here.


Visit the docs to learn more about RecoFeed.